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In today’s busy world the internet offers us millions of products to buy.

A BIG PROBLEM exists when the big companies (UPS / FedEx / DHL / Purolator and even Canada Post) DO NOT MAKE IT EASY for home delivery, often leaving parcels unattended or with uncaring neighbours. Theft and damages are high in this sector as Drivers just want to get rid of packages for their convenience.

We are offering a “safe harbour” for your deliveries that will avoid theft and even keep the “surprise” feature of gifts when needed.


Here is how it works:

  1. You buy what you want

  2. For a delivery address you use OUR SECURE WAREHOUSE ADDRESS:


                                              KM Courier Secure Purchases

                                              13-8102 Fraser Ave  Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada, T9H5E7

                                                  (Fill out the form below so we can expect your orders)

  3. We receive and hold your gifts and purchases safely, call you / e mail and we will hold them until you pick them up OR we can deliver them to you at your convenience


Simple Safe Secure


Secure Receiving of your Purchases and Pickup Service

  • $6.00 per shipment – up to 5 pieces, held for up to 3 days in the secure warehouse. 75Lbs per package weight limit. 

    • $1.00 per day after for a maximum of 30 days.


Delivery Service

  • When your packages are delivered, we will phone or email you that they are here and you can come pick them up or arrange delivery.

Fill out this form to get started.


Upon checking out, enter the following address as the delivery address

                   KM Courier On Demand

                   345 Sakitawaw Trail

                   Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada


Thanks for submitting!

Safe Internet Shopping

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